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Hector Moreno, my cinnamon apple



Joia John

She looks so unimpressed with what you got going on….I love it

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why does dennys have a tumblr

why do you


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I wonder if hector “raps” 0 to 100 since he’s a Drake fan, I just wonder ya know?

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La Decima Moments (2/?) | 24-05-14

Team captain Iker Casillas in tears minutes before the final whistle that will declare Real Madrid winners of the Champions League. It would be the third CL title he has won with his boyhood club and the second he has played in. 

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La Decima Moments (5/?) | 24-05-14

Zinedine Zidane embraces an emotional Marcelo on the pitch after the match has ended and tells him "Give me a big hug, beast. You are a beast!" 

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El Bernabéu gives Ronaldo a huge standing ovation and chants his name. (x)

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